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to be on the southwest side of the storm. here's atlantic city. here's the ey coming onshower right now. atlantic city, probably seeing the strongest winds they have seen in years. maybe even decades right now. potentially 90, 100-mile-an-hour winds with this storm. you can see the outer eye wall which is right here through cape may county, new jersey, along the delaware bay. we're watching this rig around rehoboth beach. they're probably seeing very strong winds out of the northwest right now. once again, they could easily being seeing 60, 70, 80, 90-mile-an-hour winds even towards rehoboth beach. we are just getting started. i think with some of the strongest winds in our area. you can see how theaves have been coming on. these are the bands that you'll continue to see. you'll look outside and say, it's not raining too hard. five minutes later here comes a band bringing heavy rainfall, and it will bring you very heavy wind as well. the winds will continue to gust throughout the afternoon. and they're gusting now over tropical storm force. and they have been for the last couple of hours. let's take a
power. smeko has power to all but 150. >> today, national guard troops traveled around the city with d.c. mayor vincent gray to assess the damage. news4's tom sherwood rode along in a caravan with the mayor. he joins us from the waterfront with an exclusive look at sandy's wake. >> reporter: the city's recovery has begun but everyone is keeping a watchful eye on the toll tome river. it is expected to rise at least through tomorrow night and everyone is worried about the debris in the water also. around the city, the nation's captain is getting back to normal. a d.c. national guard convoy prepared for the worst, took mayor vin serve gray and officials on the tour of city neighborhoods. the heavy duty vehicles weren't really needed. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: the mayor mostly reassured residents that help was underway after the glancing blow of the storm that devastated other areas like new york. the tour was part of a conference call with president obama and other mayors and governors. >> first the president once again underscored his commitment to doing everything possible to h
that next step. i know my teammates will be ready. and the city will, too. >> he's a remarkable guy. he can force a pitch, thrown a lot of pitches, and he did that. that's the way that game should end. jayson werth hitting a home run. he hasn't hit that many this year. but, what was it, 13, 14 pitches at-bat. that was great effort on his part. >> reporter: unbelievable the word that many players used in the locker room last night to describe that at-bat. the pitcher said, you know what, he just beat me. he's a good baseball player. i challenged him with my 96-mile-an-hour heater and he just beat me. hopefully the nats can do more beating tonight as they take on the cardinals. gio gonzalez on the mound. a lot more coming up from the park in just a bit. guys? >> see you soon, dan. >>> it would be very hard to top the excitement of last night's victory. at least fans didn't have to oo. today was the start at 8:30. pat collins begins our team coverage. >> reporter: hi, doreen. baseball's all a history. and fans are hoping that the history they witnessed yesterday will repeat itself tonight. she
look outside right now, across the city, some areas seeing sunshine. others now starting to see that rain move in. we have thunderstorms, too. currently 70 degrees with winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. a few breaks in the clouds, especially east of 95. over the last couple of hours we've seen a few storms develop, loudoun county, montgomery county and now entering howard county and anne arundel. some of these are fairly heavy. the heaviest rain looks like it's in fauquier county and movinging in portions of culpepper and rap a han a county. we'll see a few areas of heavy downpours through the rest of the evening hours. could make things problematic on the commute especially if you're traveling west on 66. we'll talk about what's coming next in my forecast. >>> an important deadline is passing for voters in virginia. tonight it's the last day to register to cast ballots in november. virginia's an important battleground state in the presidential election, and julie carey is at fairfax county government center with the efforts to get people signed up, and to make sure th
at 11:00. so city officials are taking their time in deciding what the next move is going to be. >> we still have some time at this point, i think, to wait and see. but by noon tomorrow, decisions have to be made. >> reporter: why does this not strike any fear in you? >> it's a big wind bag. >> reporter: now, meanwhile, city officials are also asking residents if they are -- if they've got doubts, if they've got questions, to keep the chamber of commerce handy on their phones. they can call them anytime tomorrow. they'll be making some decisions as the days progress. meanwhile, other locals are telling us they're not taking any chances. they've gone to the store to stock up on water and candles, and many have told us that the water is already sold out in a lot of these places. we'll update you again at 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. >> and stay up to date with us on sandy all night and all weekend. you can also get updates 24/7 on and search sandy, and follow us on twitter or facebook. also sign up for breaking news alerts at nbc back slash newsletters. >>> pr
. with some complaining the city hasn't been enforcing no parking rules or adding crime patrols. >> and we think they should have been doing this the whole year. >> right now, there's a lot of things that still need to be worked out but we're hopeful over the next few weeks it won't be a total nightmare for residents. >> the first play-off game here is wednesday. not clear yet whether that will be a day or night game. >> thank you, tom. >>> well, veronica's here now. what a warm day it is today. >> a few more days. we have one more day of summer. then we're into fall. then we're into almost winter type conditions. >> oh, my. >> exactly. just like that. see? jim knows. mid-november type air coming in for the second half of our weekend. but it is gorgeous right now. nice and mild. finally this front through. so we're seeing a blue sky and a little bit of wind, too. look at the flags in the distance as we look toward the kennedy center. 79 degrees the current temperature. your wind out of the north at 12 miles per hour. so that's bringing in some dry air right now. 81 in manassas. warmth, too
of any city, you know, where there is an important game. you'll have a sellout crowd. you'll obviously have a lot of issues with a lot of people. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00, we'll let you know why the best way to get here tomorrow may be on two wheels. live at the navy yard metro station. news4. >> we want to welcome adam. a familiar name to us. >> we've been will nlistening t. all of my friends told me, congratulated us for stealing you from them. so welcome. it is really good. >> reporter: nice to be here. >> it is good to see and you really good to have you on board. and good luck getting home tonight in the commute. >> he know how to do that. >> reporter: to everybody out there. good luck to everybody. >> thanks. >>> with game three and game four during the day, you can imagine people are already thinking about their excuse to get from, to get out of work the next couple days. coming up at 5:30, pat collins will be joining us live to tell us how people are planning to get out of work so they can go to the playoffs. >>> he's better be here tomorrow. so should all of us be bu
. some areas could see some frost. in the cities, temperatures remaining in the 40s. 49 degrees in the city. tomorrow afternoon, a mixture of sun and clouds and a really nice afternoon. temperatures, 67 to 72 degrees. the winds becoming southerly and that help the temperatures to move up. still above average on thursday and on friday. both days coming in around 73. more clouds on thursday and friday. the best chance of rain would be early on friday during the day. and then right now, the weekend looking really, really nice. if you have any plans this weekend, don't cancel them. probably make more plans. >> we'll do that. thank you. >>> straight ahead at 5:00, gallaudet's chief diversity officer talk for the first time since they was put on leave for signing a petition on same sex marriage. >>> local troops are recognized for their hard work overseas. now their mission is complete. >>> in sports, dan will be along with the best plays from week six in the nfl including that remarkable run by rg3. >> and >>> time for best plays of the week. >> there's one in particular we can be st
's inside the city. but many of you will wake up to around 30 to 40 degrees. the sun coming up tomorrow at around 7:14. you'll need the jacket as you step out the door. >> okay. >>> we have breaking news from the u.s. district court right now. a former campaign aide for d.c. mayor vincent gray has just been sentenced. howard brooks admitted he lied about payments he made to a fringe candidate in 2010. darcy spencer is outside the courthouse. brooks won't be doing any jail time, right? >> reporter: he certainly won't the he got two years of probation, escaping any jail time right here in federal court this afternoon. initially, he lied to investigators, but then had a change of heart, he began to cooperate. and that's what made the difference. we caught up with him this afternoon as he left the courthouse. but he had no comment. howard brooks the 64-year-old former campaign aide to mayor vince gray was sentenced to serve 24 months on probation, and complete 200 hours of community service. he escaped jail time. that after admitting to lying to federal investigators involving the 2010 mayo
for an outright city championship. they're ready around here. >> we're definitely in favor of it. i think it was more in the future, i think the schools will be a part of the city title games as well. >> reporter: if the knights do work now, it will be next to impossible to dodge them in the future. in the meantime, it's business as usual. progress reports, workout sessions, and the reality for most these guys is that this is the only way out. >> obviously, if i wasn't playing football, i probably would have done so much other things. but i'm glad i got football. it keeps me away from doing things. do i really want to do this, i might not play, or i might lose everything i got. i've always got football in the back of my mind. >> reporter: last year lineman eddie goldman was the crown jewel of the class that saw 19 youngsters get full ride football scholarships. goldman's at florida state. >> i think beyond just the recognition, i think it's telling us we are doing the right things. there are a lot of sacrifices being made. at end of the day, when people pat you on the back and tell you ho
reported incident of this kind of assault in that city in the last month. pat collins spoke to one of the victims and explained why the attack is considered so brazen. >> reporter: four attacks in springfield in the past month. police believe it may be the work of the same man, and now it appears the number of victims may be five. police out in springfield investigating a series of fondling attacks on young women here. today a detective talking to yet another victim. we call her rosa. she said she was attacked on september 19th as she was coming home with her daughter. she spoke through an interpreter. >> translator: we were walking down the sidewalk when all of a sudden i felt somebody walking behind me. once i turned around he started touching me. touching me around my breasts. and then i started screaming and my daughter started screaming, he started running back. >> reporter: all of these attacks have happened on residential streets where you're more likely to feel safe, and let your guard down. mo monticello boulevard, 9:30 in the morning, a 26-year-old woman attacked down the
.c. city council. a owners were worried about pending new regulation. owners of the food trucks about these new regulations that will restrict where they can operate. >>> healthy food options are said to be few and far between in parts of prince george's county. but now there's an effort underway to change all that. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins reports on how residents there may get a greater say about the food choices near their homes. >> we have a garden here. and we have one for the middle school. >> reporter: elsy and people who live here are growing their own food. to balance out the limited food options in their community. >> you get stores coming in here with second rate food. >> fast food works here. this particular one here, we'll just pop another one in that community. >> reporter: the councilmember karen is working legislation that would require all proposed businesses to go through a public hearing process before opening. part of her aim is to control business in prince george's county, especially when it come to foods and beverages. >> the less work
close towards new york city, philadelphia, maybe even our area. once again, this is the cone of uncertainty. don't look at this line here. anywhere in this area is the best chance to see this. now we are in that cone. i do think this storm will be a little bit stronger than what the hurricane center has and i think it will be farther down to the south. delmarva, southern portions of new jersey, that's where i think this will hit. maybe not a direct impact for us, but still a huge impact as far as wind and rain go. on saturday, the largest impact along the carolina coastline. low impact already down to florida, or down toward southern portions of virginia. as the storm moves to the north, high impact from wind and rain and storm surge potentially down around the beaches, delaware beaches, maryland beaches, along the delmarva, inside the washington, d.c., area, like the marine corps marathon, expect rain and wind. sunday, not too bad of a day, just rainy conditions. but then on monday, high impact from washington right on through baltimore, philadelphia, up through new york, ev
breaking news. the d.c. city council member accused of violating metro's code of conduct. graham, who is a former metro board member. the latest for you on news4 at 6:00. >>> a proud hard-earned moment for two d.c. educators today. >> we're here to let your principal know that he has been selected as the principal of the year. >> the principal of mckinley technology high school was definitely surprised today, as principal of the year. he got tickets for today's nats game, and a check for $10,000. >> grade students at education camp. she's d.c.'s teacher of the year. th student explained how miss herrod helped him learn by promoting the love of reading and appreciating our world-class museums. >>> people who live in prince george's county should be prepared for a possible increase in the water bill. the washington suburban senate commission could add $5.23 to every bill starting in the spring. the wsse requested an increase to help offset the rising cost of service in both prince george's and montgomery counties. >>> how low we going to go tonight? >> we're going to get i
after the president before deciding instead to bomb the federal reserve in new york city. 21-year-old quazi nafis was arrested yesterday while trying to set off what he thought was a bomb inside a vehicle. he's from bangladesh and was in the u.s. on a student visa. >>> pete williams joins us now. pete, his family says this is not the man they know. authorities have just wrapped up a news conference. what have you learned? >> they were talking in southeast missouri state, which is where he came to the united states in january of last year. and there have been some question about whether the whole student visa system should have stopped him. but everybody i've talked to today, really, there's no way that could have happened, that there was nothing in his back ground that suggested he shouldn't come here. no terrorist connections. he went to southeast missouri state, enrolled as a student and transferred to a vocational stool in new york in may. and he was studying there. the system in that sense was tracking him. it wasn't a sham visa. there were some calls today for tighter control
. temperatures 44 in the suburbs to about 54 inside the city. as we move on through the next couple of days, here comes the heat. the heat is on. 79 on your tuesday. near record highs on wednesday. thursday a high of # 77. 76 on friday. and then temperatures get back closer to average on sunday and monday. monday would be the time where that storm could be close to the coast. this is when we'll be talking about it a lot. don't worry too much, it's not going to bring us snow. some online rumors, sno, no. >> that's not going to happen. >>> straight ahead, we're going to show you how you can spice up your next meal with a little fall flavor. the ingredients that will do are wonders. >>> a call for safety guidelines tonight for cheerleaders. >>> coming up in sports, chris cooley back with the redskins. and he's still with us on nbc 4, a highly anticipated cooley report coming up next. and here's what's coming up tonight at 6:00. >>> i'm jackie bensen in upper marlboro. a local family receives a unique a loc[ male announcer ] a unique if barack obama is re-elected, what will the next four years be lik
later than y h usual. a city policy extending alcohol sales and if you plan on going out on sunday night metro rail is only open until midnight. >>> a bizarre attack on a d.c. street this morning and now police are looking for their suspect while the victim searches for her dog. >>> and the movement to change the name of tyson's corner. >>> plus, the real fright for many this halloween. a pumpkin spice latte shortage. what many are worried about the >>> it seems just like everything in the tyson's corner is changing. more buildings, more residents and more metro stations. the board of supervisors want to cut the corner out of tyson's corner. talked to some residents who aren't buying it. >> reporter: the change is unofficial, but that's not a consulation to some who lived in the area for years. >> i think the region reinvented itself. i live in vienna and drive through here all the time. it was tyson's corner back then and great thing to have a tyson's corner now. >> reporter: what if you didn't grow up knowing it as that or recently relocated to the area. obviously, you don't have
jersey tonight, with much of the city under water. officials believe at least 20,000 people are trapped in their homes. the national guard is now helping to reach those residents. in new york, high water is still preventing inspectors from assessing the damage to the subway system. five feet of water still standing in some stations. >> we're getting a new look at the devastation of sandy up and down the jersey shore. this is the seaside heights community, where hundreds of homes have been docked off their foundations. sandy completely covered streets and surrounding neighborhoods and the famous board walk now torn and sitting in the ocean. this is one example of the destruction that plays out for hundreds of miles along the jersey shoreline. >> and further north, we're getting a look at another historic board walk community that's been devastated. jim? >> reporter: the mayor of kingsburg was so grateful to have us arrive today. there is so much devastation along the jersey coast that news crews cannot be everywhere. so if wnbc, we are helping out our sister station, they said let's go t
the city, and it paid off. a tip led animal control officers to rhode island avenue sunday. the lost and lonesome dog was found in someone's backyard. >> the reaction is, what is the world coming to these days. in a lot of ways, what the world is really coming to, was like 30 people mobilizing to help us find the dog. >> reporter: murray's recovering at the friendship animal hospital which has given the owners a break on the medical bill. doctors here say murray is definitely banged up but he's going to be okay. but will have to stay here at the hospital for a couple of days before he with go home. doctors say besides the dislocated elbow, he has burns, cuts and scrapes. full recovery? >> i think so. he might have a little stiffness. it will be a little while for him to play tennis again. but otherwise, he should be fine. >> reporter: perhaps no one is more glad that murray is safe and okay than 2-year-old jacob, his best friend and constant companion. >> everything is feeling great right now. knowing he's going to be okay. it's really amazing. >> the search for that jogger who alleg
of the city's five busiest speed cameras are located on that stretch of road. together they issued more than 200,000 tickets during this fiscal year. raking in more than $20 million for the district of columbia. >>> well, we see them everywhere, vehicle collisions are now on the rise with deer. today state farm released its annual report listing which parts of the country are worse for deer collisions. news4's adam tuss is here with a look at how our region ranks. >> jim, it seems like it doesn't matter which road you're on nowadays, the deer are everywhere around here. and the danger of hitting one, or one hitting you is very real. after visiting a body shop here in the area today, we found out just how serious the issue can become. >> three in the last week. we've had deer hits. so fall is the time when you're going to see a lot of cars coming into a body shop, because they've had an interaction with a deer. >> reporter: car after car after car, each with thousands of dollars worth of damage because of deer accidents. and stories can get pretty wild. this car rolling along, when all of a s
as they were last night. 42 in frederick and 49 down towards fredericksburg. 52 in the city. tomorrow afternoon, quite nice. i think we'll see a lot of sunshine early and then the clouds will be on the increase. best chance of the storms will be back toward the mountains. highs in the upper 60s to low 70s for most of us. through the next couple of days, chance of rain early on friday, but most of us will be on the dry side. saturday and sunday looking very nice, highs in the upper 60s. next week, really, really looking great with highs in the 70s. >> all right. we'll take it. thank you, doug. >>> more fallout from the release of more than a dozen names who allegedly paid for ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. >>> fallout continues in the so-called zumba prostitution ring up in maine. >> police released names of some of the alleged clients. nbc explains why some locals said they had enough of the controversy in their town. >> r
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21